25 - 26th Oct 2017
Hotel Novotel Amsterdam City
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SPGPrints 'Experience Center' Visit

There is an additional, exciting opportunity for all delegates on the evening of the 25th. As a guest of SPGPrints, you are invited to join a tour of a brand new ‘Experience Center’, located at their headquarters in Boxmeer, The Netherlands. The centre features the cutting-edge PIKE and JAVELIN industrial digital textile printers, part of the new wave of flexible production and intelligent customisation that is a feature of Industry 4.0.   

This visit is at no extra cost and includes food/drinks. 

A coach will leave at 4:45 pm from the conference venue, the Novotel Hotel.

Change is coming, but what form will it take and how should textile companies engage?

Industry 4.0, the new industrial revolution, has arrived at the gates of the Textile Industry. Should we extend it a welcome as the start of a dynamic new world, or resist it as a dangerous and unpredictable threat? Must we, indeed, embrace it with enthusiasm if we are to remain relevant in the new industrial order? And what will it mean for our businesses, partnerships, manufacturing infrastructure and supply chain processes?

The Textile 4.0 Conference is the first professional event dedicated to the realities of Industry 4.0 in the Textile Industry. It will shed light on the many developments that are happening even now and provide expert insights into what the future might hold for business and investment decision makers throughout the Textile value chain.

Over two days we will deliver presentations from leading experts on the new, inspiring services and revenue opportunities that can be leveraged using IoT and best practices to enable smart manufacturing. Case study led discussions will help manufacturers understand and build their own business case for investments in pursuit of Industry 4.0 goals.

If you have a query or want more information about the event, we are here to help.

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World Textile Information Network
(WTiN) is an information provider, delivering unmatched intelligence and insight into the global textile manufacturing industry. Whether through WTiN.com, the WTiN app, a portfolio of business-to-business magazines, exhibition newspapers and conferences, WTiN’s content is recognised for its authority and market-leading coverage. This clear industry focus means WTiN has become an integral part of the textile community, providing the highest-quality business and technical intelligence.

We are publishers of IoTex’ magazine that provides readers with an insight into how this innovation is changing the textile value chain, from supply chain management systems to the latest in robotics, monitoring key technical developments across the global economy.

Building on this, the Textile 4.0 channel is a new service from WTiN Intelligence that is intended to help investors and decision makers in technology, manufacturing and retail to understand how the coming industrial evolution may impact the future of their business. It monitors the key technical and business developments across all sectors of the global economy, analysing their impact and interpreting them in the light of their potential for exploitation in the Textile Industry. www.wtin.com

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